geographical indication

On the market, awarded products with a good reputation may be competing with similar products that are presented as originals or are using the same name. European Union quality labels help protect the producers’ interests and make it easier for buyers to choose.

In the European Union, three indications are used in quality labelling: protected designation of origin (PDO), protected geographical indication (PGI) and traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG).

The quality label system represents excellence in European food production and appreciates particular products from a defined area. The quality labels set a high quality standard for producers with regard to unique products and provide options for highlighting and promoting products with special features.

Protected geographical indication is a European label of recognition which allows producers to protect a unique product with a specific origin from unfair competition and provide the consumer with security on the quality and peculiarity of the product.

Estonian vodka is a protected geographical indication for vodka produced using ethyl alcohol made from ingredients grown in Estonia and water from Estonia. When registering the protected geographical indication Estonian vodka, the word pair can only be used on product labelling if the vodka has been produced following the requirements provided in the technical dossier.


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