what is Estonian vodka?

Estonian vodka is a spirit drink prepared according to Estonia’s finest vodka-producing traditions and protected and recognised by the European Union. But which vodka made in Estonia can we refer to as Estonian vodka?

The recognised and protected special features of Estonian vodka are delivered, on the one hand, by Estonian lands – our crops and water, and on the other hand, by our agricultural and vodka production traditions.

Estonian vodka is produced using rye, wheat or potatoes. One of the peculiarities of Estonia is that our cereals are mostly grown as winter crops and winter rye and wheat are very rich in minerals. Potatoes, which we also use in vodka production, are also a remarkable ingredient, making the taste and aroma of the final product easily recognisable. And, last but not least, the taste nuances of Estonian vodka are also polished by the clean and mineral-rich drinking water from the Estonian ground.

The taste of Estonian vodka is also influenced by our vodka producing traditions.

The richness in the taste of the vodka is highlighted by the method of production, in which wholegrain is coarsely ground and the clean taste comes from the extensive use of organic farming and the little use of pesticides and fertilizers in crop growing.

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