project: The Hanseatic League – Network of trust

The Programme is jointly proposed by 2 organisations from 2 countries: The Baltic Food Organisation (BFO) in this Programme representing the Lithuanian dairy sector, and The Estonian office of the Alliance of Baltic Beverage Industry (ABBI) representing the Estonian spirits sector (hereinafter referred to as Proposing Organizations or POs).

The proposing organization is going to implement a 3-year information programme for a basket of products made in the EU (dairy products & spirits with a protected geographical indication), in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Despite the close and long-established trade relationships of these countries with other EU member-states, consumers in these markets are insufficiently informed about the quality schemes and the specific features of production methods in the EU. The Programme aims to enhance consumer awareness of production methods in the EU and explain the value-added in terms of product quality, food safety and authenticity.

The general objectives of the Programme are:

  1. to improve trust in quality of EU dairy products through increasing awareness on EU food safety and quality control system;
  2. to raise consumer awareness and understanding of the Union quality scheme of protected geographical indication (PGI).

This will lead to expected ultimate impact of the Programme – to enhance the competitiveness and consumption of EU dairy products and increase the awareness of the Union quality scheme of PGI.

The Programme is targeted at 5 EU countries, former members of the Hanseatic League – Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. For 400 years, the Hanseatic League dominated the economic fortunes at the Baltic Sea. Target group – final consumers and food trade professionals (~126,89 mio).

To achieve the objectives set, Programme employs a wide range of activities: from press, mass media and online channels (articles, social media & online ads, TV), to B2B actions (trade fairs, seminars, other events).

Total budget of the proposal – 2 568 992 ЕUR.